Sport 300 paddle

The leisure ping-pong racket to progress - 2-star ITTF coating

  • Medium speed - rated 6/10: foam for better speed control 
  • Good spin and spin - 5/10: 2-star ITTF coating
  • Precision and control - rated 9/10: racket suitable for all player profiles

In Stock

  • Speed
  • Speed
  • 6

  • Spin
  • Spin
  • 5

  • Control
  • Control
  • 9

Recreational ping pong racket to improve - 2 star ITTF rubber

The Sport 300 ping pong racket lets you express yourself at the table. You'll enjoy varying the effects. A little slice? A lifted ball? This table tennis racket will meet your expectations. The 1.8 mm rubber allows you to be daring: you'll enjoy outmuscling your opponents. Your progress is highlighted: the Sport 300 will take you further.


Standard speed

  • Standard speed

  • The Sport 300 racket offers a medium pace of play. The dynamic sponge provides a fast feel that allows the player to start getting into the game while maintaining good control.

Prise d'effet moyenne

  • Standard spin

  • The ITTF two star rubber gives the Sport 300 a standard spin grip. It's the ideal racket to progress and start mastering spin.


  • Precision and control

  • The Sport 300 racket offers a very good level of control, making it accessible. It is particularly well suited to players looking for control and precision.

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