A history of innovations


Emile Cornilleau establishes Cornilleau establishments, a carpentry - cabinetmaking business that will work on rebuilding homes in the Oise region after the war, a territory devastated by the recently ended world conflict. He expresses his expertise there, and there is no shortage of projects. After a few years, he considers diversifying his activities, as construction does not entirely satisfy his desire to create.


First ping pong tables. The BHV, a large Parisian department store, approaches Cornilleau because it needs 300 tables quickly. Challenge accepted! Cornilleau transforms itself and specializes in ping pong. And already, the spirit of innovation of the brand is felt through the product it manages to create, but also the way it is manufactured. The company industrializes its expertise and achieves success in table tennis. Pierre Cornilleau, who joined his father in the company just after his studies, greatly contributes to this success.


Cornilleau enters the competition scene and engages the services of champion Jacques Secrétin. This collaboration will last nearly 20 years. It will help the brand develop increasingly demanding, innovative, and high-performing products. Cornilleau continues to work with champions to this day, ensuring that the standards of elite competition reflect in its products.


First outdoor ping pong table with solid laminate panels. What seems obvious today was a real revolution at the time. Cornilleau will popularize the practice of ping pong in gardens thanks to the use of this material. Other innovations follow suit to adapt to outdoor use. Ping pong then becomes an outdoor activity.


The Compact table, with its patented technology, revolutionizes the market by offering an unmatched level of safety and ultra-compact size. It is now possible to easily fold and unfold your ping pong table, move it around, and store it using minimal space. This process has become a reference, widely adopted in the world of table tennis.


So far specializing in ping pong tables, the brand expands its offerings and markets a complete range of indoor rackets. Developed to meet the needs of all types of players, these rackets are packed with technological innovations for the enjoyment of the game.


The world's first outdoor racket, the Tacteo, disrupts traditional usage. Made from a composite material, it withstands shocks and weather conditions. There's no need to buy new rackets every summer or worry about bringing them indoors at night. The result of several years of development, the Tacteo relies on various patents to offer both excellent gameplay quality and unparalleled durability. With its colorful look, it quickly establishes itself.


With its ability to support 1,200 kg of weight and its exceptional gameplay quality, the Park table offers communities a real alternative to concrete ping pong tables. Truly invulnerable, it flourishes in public parks in France and internationally.


The launch of the Hyphen outdoor billiard table marks the first step in Cornilleau's diversification strategy. Three years of research and development were necessary to create a billiard table truly capable of withstanding outdoor conditions while still offering gameplay quality in line with the brand's standards.


Cornilleau develops the Play-Style universe. After billiards, an outdoor foosball table, and a convertible ping-pong table are born. Serving as a bridge between the world of furniture and gaming, the Play-Style offering aims to restore these three pastimes to their former glory and put play back at the center of our lives.

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