Perform the best-known trick shots in the world

Perform the world's most famous billiards trick shots with Florian Kohler

In this tutorial, learn how to perform three shots that are known the world over. These trick shots, from a movie, from a commercial, and from a popular challenge, are easy-to-do. No need to be an experienced player to pull off these awesome shots. To help you perform them, learn some tips from an expert: Florian Kohler, twice named World Cup Of Trick Shots champion and multiple trick shot record holder.

Coin in the glass shot

The first trick shot Florian Kohler will teach you is often used for bets between friends. It involves getting a coin placed on the edge of the cushion to jump into a glass placed at the edge of the table. It is relatively easy to perform and quite visual. Applying just the right amount of force to your shot is key, neither too little nor too much.

The cult trick shot from the movie “Poolhall Junkies”

The second shot in this tutorial was made famous by the movie “Poolhall Junkies” with Christopher Walken. This shot can be used both for a demonstration or a challenge during a game. It consists of hitting the same ball twice with the white ball: the first time to make it roll along by the cushion and the second time to pocket it.

The “just showing off” shot

The third trick shot in this lesson is particularly impressive. It’s the “just showing off” trick, famous for being in a well-known commercial from the 70s. There are two versions of it, one with 5 balls to practice performing this shot, and another with 6 balls once you have mastered it. Incidentally, it was with 6 balls that the “just showing off” shot was performed in the original version of the commercial that made it famous.

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