Play like a pro: spin techniques and white ball control

According to which part of the white ball you hit with the cue tip, it will spin in different directions. Depending on whether you hit it right in the center or on one side, this will completely change its trajectory after impact. A good command of spins will allow you to successfully perform difficult shots and also precisely control where the white ball lands for the next shot. To teach you how to master spin techniques and control white ball position, we have called on Florian Kohler, twice named World Cup Of Trick Shots champion and multiple record-holder.


The stop shot: involves aiming at the center of the object ball; this technique stops the trajectory of the white ball after impact. After the shot, it will therefore land right behind the ball it has just hit.

The follow shot (top spin): due to a forward rotation, the white ball continues to follow a straight trajectory, pursuing its course after impact with the object ball.

The draw shot (back spin): if you aim at the bottom of the white ball, it will come back towards you after hitting the object ball.

Left spin and right spin: if you hit the left or right of the white ball, it will spin in the chosen direction. In a game, the latter is often used combined with another technique.


With three concrete examples from real game situations, learn how to control white ball position after impact to hit a series of winning shots, by combining techniques.