Sport 400 paddle

The versatile table tennis racket - 3-star ITTF coating

  • Good speed - rated 7/10: dynamic foam 
  • Good rotation and spin - rated 6/10: 3-star ITTF coating
  • Precision and control - rated 8/10: Opti Feel Concept technology, for greater precision and control and improved stability

In Stock

  • Speed
  • Speed
  • 7

  • Spin
  • Spin
  • 6

  • Control
  • Control
  • 8

Multipurpose ping pong racket - 3 star ITTF rubber

The Sport 400 ping pong racket is for players who want a good balance of speed, grip and control. Its 3-star ITTF rubber responds faithfully to the most varied shots. Be creative with your game, the Sport 400 ping pong racket allows you to do so.


Good speed

  • Good speed

  • The Sport 400 racket offers good pace of play but never at the expense of control in exchanges. The three-star ITTF rubber provides a welcome boost of pace for varying shots and fun.

Good spin

  • Good spin

  • With its three-star ITTF rubber, the Sport 400 racket offers good spin. Ideal for improving your game, it allows you to bridge the gap between occasional practice and more frequent play.


  • Precision and control

  • The Sport 400 racket offers a very good level of control while providing good speed. It is particularly suited to players seeking control and precision.

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