Excell 1000 paddle

The table tennis racket for club play - 6-star ITTF coating

  • Competition speed - rated 8.5/10: ultra-dynamic sponge, optimal energy restitution, carbon paddle 
  • Competition rotation and spin - rated 8.5/10: 6-star ITTF coating, Efficient Curve formula for an unrivalled level of grip 
  • Precision and control - rated 6.5/10: Opti Feel Concept technology, for greater precision and control and improved stability
  • Lighter, hollow shaft for better impact perception and perfect response

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    • Speed
    • Speed
    • 8,5

  • Spin
  • Spin
  • 8,5

  • Control
  • Control
  • 6,5

The table tennis racket for club play - 6 star ITTF rubber

Thanks to its DYNACELL foam and its very dynamic blade, the Excell 1000 table tennis racket is a reference for OFF/OFF+ players. The AERO and OFC technologies provide touch and ball control, while the compact EFFICIENT CURVE guarantees safe trajectories and plenty of topspin. The Excell 1000 racquet has a 6-star ITTF rubber.


Competition speed

  • Competition speed 8,5/10

  • The very dynamic foam of the Excell 1000 racquet gives it a very high speed of play. This racket is also based on the Dynacell concept, an optimization of the cut nature / structure of the foam for elastic performance and optimal energy restitution.

Competition spin

  • Competition spin 8,5/10

  • The six-star ITTF rubber ensures perfect spin reproduction. Combined with Efficient Curve technology, a formula made of 90% natural rubber, it allows the Excell 1000 racket to achieve an unprecedented level of grip on such fast surfaces.


  • Precision and control 6,5/10

  • The combination of innovations and technologies give the Excell 1000 racket a formidable precision. It benefits from a particular stability linked to the orientation of the wood fibers of each ply. This technology, Opti Feel Concept, brings an immediate gain in control and precision.


  • Tenfold sensations

  • The handle of the Excell 1000 racket is hollowed out to be lighter. This design, called Aero Soft, optimizes the transmission of waves generated by the impact of the ball to the handle. The result is a better perception of the impacts, for a perfect response.

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