Our commitments

Durability, reparability and solidarity

Producing durable products is proof of our commitment to fighting planned obsolescence and a throwaway culture. Cornilleau products are made to not only bring generations together, but to span them as well. We endeavor to design tables and rackets that are ever more resilient and durable. Our concrete commitment is to enable you to keep your ping pong table for as long as possible. Our outdoor ping pong tables are guaranteed for 10 years and we ensure the availability of spare parts for all table models for at least 20 years from the date of manufacture.

Joining enjoyment and responsibility

Ping-pong is a game with many virtues. It can be played both casually and intensely, making it the perfect balance between sport and leisure. It induces emotions, brings us closer to one another, but also cultivates our well-being. It also plays an important role in our personal development, helping us learn to play by the rules, to improve our skill and self-confidence and to outdo ourselves. Taking all of this into account, ping-pong can have a real societal role. Convinced of this fact, Cornilleau especially supports two charity organizations fighting to better the life and future of people in two different fields : health and education.

Ping Sans Frontières (Table tennis without borders)

whose slogan “education beyond the racket” perfectly encapsulates the association’s work in Africa and Latin America, equips a host of centers, providing educational assistance to many children. Cornilleau works alongside Ping Sans Frontières, for example via the “Rubbers for all” project, which gives a second life to rubbers donated by players from French clubs, bringing much happiness to children who would never otherwise have had the pleasure of discovering table tennis.

Cornilleau has been supporting Ping4Alzheimer since its creation in 2019

As its name suggests, this association uses the virtues of table tennis to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s to combat their illness. The association organizes workshops all over France, with equipment provided by Cornilleau. A gentle sport that stimulates cognitive skills, table tennis helps delay the impacts of the illness with the added bonus of improving sufferers’ physical health. Cornilleau is proud to support Ping 4 Alzheimer as it develops and expands its activities