Outdoor ping pong table: Performance range

Your table, your game, your rules

With their stylish design, high-quality materials, exceptional range of features and skilled craftsmanship evident in even the smallest details, the tables in the Performance range offer a unique playing experience and push you to play at the top of your game. And because it’s your game and you set the rules.


Its bold lines and range of features make the 700X an unmatched table. Its rebound quality equivalent to a competition table offers you the chance to excel. Add to this the best technology providing pleasure and comfort, and a simple match of table tennis becomes a full-on playing experience.



Accessory and bottle holders, point counters, ball dispensers and storage ... the 600X boasts the best innovations without compromising on the basics: safety, ergonomics and ease of use. The quality of its rebound and perfect spin response will satisfy the most demanding of players.



As the embodiment of Cornilleau's 'high performance' spirit, the 500X invites you to concentrate on what matters: the game. Its excellent rebound is ideal for high-level rallies and its various features have been designed to allow you to play wherever you want, in any situation. Its tapered legs, bold lines and sturdy sides are what help create its strong personality.


Pensée pour le jeu et les joueurs

Bénéficiant de nouveaux équipements, les tables de la gamme Performance n’en n’oublient pas pour autant le principal : le jeu. Conçues pour répondre aux besoins exprimés par les utilisateurs, les nouveautés de cette gamme raviront autant les joueurs de ping chevronnés que ceux qui privilégient le confort.

Designed for playing and players

New playing surface colors

Offering a sharper contrast with the ball, these panels have been coated with the Mattop finish, which reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays tenfold, resulting in an excellent playing experience.

Fold-away bottle holders

Simple to use and fold away if you don't need them, the bottle holders fitted onto the 600X and 700X tables mean your drink is always within grabbing distance, and you don’t run the risk of knocking it over in the midst of a great shot.

Folding point counters

One for everyone - our point counters let you keep a constant eye on the score, so you can challenge yourself to step up your game and eliminate any doubt about the score.

Easier feet adjustment

Adjusting the height of a table tennis table has never been simpler. Our new mechanism means you no longer have to lift the table to turn the dial and set its height. Simple and effective.

New storage features

Cornilleau tables offer built-in spaces to store your rackets and balls. The tables in the Performance range now have two extra accessory holders. Lighten up when you play, by slipping your phone, keys and other bits and pieces into the handy holders.

Tables that stay true to Cornilleau’s DNA

Playing experience, durability, safety and maneuverability are non-negotiable aspects for us, because they constitute the very essence of Cornilleau’s vision of outdoor table tennis. Being able to play wherever you like, move your table around freely with zero risk, enjoy a great playing experience for many years - the tables in the Performance range are a natural extension of the qualities that have secured the enduring success of our outdoor tables for several decades already.

Safety first

With 12 locking points, the tables in the Performance range offer an unequaled level of safety based on a patented system. A key feature of the system is its ability to block the table at a 65-degree angle if the handle is no longer held while it is unfolding, so accidents are not an issue, especially with children.

Playing experience

The solid core laminate table top that equips the tables in the Performance range, with a thickness that varies between 6mm for the 500X and 8mm for the 700X, encourages you to push your own boundaries. Their excellent rebound quality will delight even the most demanding players. On top of that, their wide frame means your table remains perfectly flat over time.


Cornilleau outdoor tables are made with ultra-durable materials. Each component is designed to last - from the solid core laminate table tops to the corrosion-protected steel parts, right down to the tiniest part. It’s no accident that our outdoor tables have a 10-year guarantee.


The oversize double wheels that equip Cornilleau outdoor tables, along with the built-in easy track handle on the 600X and 700X models, mean you can take your table into unexplored territory for a made-to-measure game. You’re free to choose your ideal spot, and change location whenever you fancy.