Execute the fun and impressive shots

Execute the fun and impressive shots that anyone can do in billiards; with Florian Kohler

You don’t need to be a pool pro to try your hand at trick shots and begin to pull off some of them successfully. See for yourself in this tutorial that teaches you to perform three of them, even if you’re a beginner. Get tips from a well-known expert, Florian Kohler, twice named World Cup Of Trick Shots champion and multiple trick shot record holder.

The 4-in-a-line shot

The first shot in this tutorial is an easy bet to win. Place four balls in a line, just in front of the middle pocket, and ask who’s able to pocket them all in a single shot. No one will manage it apart from you, because you’ll know the trick for guaranteed success.

The 4 balls in 4 different pockets shot

The second trick shot that Florian Kohler teaches you in this tutorial once again involves placing four balls in a line, but this time to get them into four different pockets. To do this, it’s important to position the balls correctly and strike the right place. This shot is fairly easy to perform, even for a beginner.

The split shot

The third shot in this tutorial, known as the split shot, is a classic in this genre. It lets you pocket four balls in a single shot but to practice the technique, you can start with two balls. This time, the two balls are not placed right up against a cushion. And it is precisely the ball positioning that is key to the success of this trick shot. Once you have mastered it, you can make it a little more difficult by adding two more balls. Once again, Florian Kohler, alias Venom, has a solution to be sure that you carry this trick shot off.

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