Learn to win a bet for sure with Florian Kohler, alias Venom

How can you win a bet for sure? 

Pool is a game that gives rise to a lot of betting. It is not uncommon, on the sidelines of a classic game to challenge each other on who will manage to pull off such and such a shot. And very often, to win a bet you need to be shrewd. In this tutorial, Florian Kohler, trick shot expert and multiple record holder, teaches you three shots to win a bet for sure, sometimes in an unconventional way.

“Touch without touching”

The first trick shot that Florian Kohler teaches you in this tutorial may seem obvious once you know the solution. But before finding out, are clever you clever enough to guess how to touch a ball that is balanced on a cushion and on two other balls, without touching those two other balls.

Faster than the eye

The second shot Florian Kohler that teaches you in this tutorial relies on speed of execution. It involves performing a shot that seems impossible for the simple reason that it actually is. But if you’re very fast, and bend the rules of pool without anyone noticing due to the speed, you can successfully pull this shot off.

The opposing balls bet

This trick shot will help you win a bet/ but can also be used in a game situation. It requires a little more skill than the previous ones. It involves compressing the white ball against the cushion by adding spin, which will make it go along by the cushion, thus pocketing a ball that is also sitting along by the cushion.

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