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Hyphen Outdoor Pool table Black Frame / Light Grey Cloth

OUTDOOR POOL TABLE - Converts into a dining table in seconds!

  • Shock and weather resistance: water-repellent, cleanable outdoor surface, corrosion-resistant steel frame. Tested in laboratory and in real-life conditions.
  • Durability: guaranteed 5 years and repairability for a minimum of 20 years.
  • Convertibility: with optional table tops that are easy to install and store in the dedicated space under the table.
  • Quality of play: optimal rolling thanks to 12 mm HPL board, flatness and levelling thanks to 4 adjustable feet, natural rubber cushions.
  • Customisation: Frame, Cloth, Pockets: allowing 20 combinations.
  • Made in France

Reversible table tops (1 decoration per side) - + $860
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  • Made in France
  • Made in France
  • Tables and billiards

  • Warranty
  • 5 years

  • Repairable 20 years
  • Tables and billiards


Levelness Billard Cornilleau

  • Levelness

  • Thanks to its one-piece 12mm thick melamine bed, supported at its sides and center by a robust, stable structure, the playing surface remains perfectly flat, whatever the circumstances. With its four adjustable feet (5cm range) and five micro-adjustment points under the tabletop, your playing surface is perfectly level.

  • Roll

  • Fun and precision go hand and hand. Natural roll, accuracy of play, return of spin: the baize on your Hyphen outdoor pool table is designed to enhance the thrill of the game to the max.

  • Bounce

  • With its top-of-the-range natural rubber cushions, the Hyphen outdoor pool table is fun to play on and offers exceptional bounce to delight both experienced players and beginners.


Billard Resistant aux chocs

  • Shock resistant

  • Your Hyphen outdoor pool table withstands miscues and impact of any kind. Designed for social occasions between players of any age and any level, it gives you the freedom to play without worrying about damaging it.

Billard résistant aux intempéries

  • Weather-proof

  • From the baize to the structure, the slate and the natural rubber cushions: each part has been designed to withstand the effects of time and weather. Sunshine, rain, variations in temperature, moisture, Hyphen can withstand the most extreme outside conditions.

Billard Nettoyable

  • Easy-clean

  • A product made using rot-proof and stain-resistant materials, Hyphen is easy-clean. To go about this, use the brush that’s included and follow our maintenance tips supplied with your pool table.


Hardearing baize pool table

  • Hardearing baize

  • Elegant and pleasant to the touch, the baize is made from a rot-proof, washable, stain and shock-resistant material. Its quality and robustness ensure unfailing playing quality and all-out fun.

Ultra-stiff poll table structure

  • Ultra-stiff structure

  • Selected to combine reliable solidity and optimised weight, the ultra-stiff 100% steel structure on your Hyphen pool table is coated in epoxy paint, renowned for its durability and robustness, that has undergone a full anti-corrosion treatment.

Billard Composite laminate

  • Weatherproof and shockproof composite laminate

  • Under the baize sits the slate. The 12mm high-density, laminate resin tabletop cast from one piece enables optimal control of the trajectory of the balls, providing play sensations akin to those on natural slate. Supported by an ultra-stiff structure, it remains perfectly flat.

Billard Natural rubber cushions

  • Natural rubber cushions

  • Offering a quality of play similar to that of indoor pool table cushions with exceptional bounce, the natural rubber cushions on the Hyphen outdoor pool table also boast superb anti-ageing, weather-proof qualities.




  • A geniune piece of designer furniture, the Hyphen will sublimate your outside spaces with its sleek lines and noble materials. More than a pool table, it can very easily be converted into a garden dining table. Either stone or wood appearance: it’s up to you to choose the finish that will go best with your outside space.

Billard déplaçable


  • In the shade, in the sun, poolside or even indoors: you can move your outdoor pool table just as you please. All it takes is two people to lift it, or four to move it effortlessly. Play wherever and whenever you like.

Documentation and technical features

Outside dimension 7ft long x 4ft wide x adjustable height from 29” to 31.5”
Playing dimension from bumper to bumper 75” by 37”
Recommended room clearance 13ft by 16ft
Packaged weight 625lbs, the tables will come in multiples pieces so that it is easy to move before installation
Table weight 250lbs
Conversion top (comes in 2 halves) 80lbs packaged / 38lbs each half diner top
Included cues size Standard 58 inches
Included accessories 2 composite cues, set of balls, 1 triangle, 1 diamond, 2 chalks, 1 brush
Rail diamond sights No
Dining conversion tops material Weather resistant HPL (high pressure laminate)

Only available in 7ft size.

Table will come strapped to a pallet and delivery is curbside. Read the "shipping at home" section below for more information about shipping and delivery. This table requires assembly.